John Beare and Family
John Beare Family
John William Beare married Elizabeth Maynard on 27 December, 1806, in St Peters Church, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. He was born circa 1780, but his birthplace remains a mystery. John and Elizabeth had eight children. On 10th January 1821, they walked into St. Peters with six children, where they were received into the Church as members by the Vicar, the Reverend Joseph Jervois, who was the incumbent for Ballymodan Parish from 1813 to 1825. The eight children were Elizabeth, Isaac, Maria, Jane, John, Anne, George and Sarah. They all lived in a house to the west of what is now known as the Cottage Hospital. On an old deed, John's occupation was given as Cotton Manufacturer. In 1829 the whole family moved to a new house adjacent to the road which goes from Bandon to Innishannon, and located in the area known as Irishtown, which was the most built-up part outside the walled area. At the fork in the road known as Irishtown cross roads, John actually built two houses. Why two? We think one may have been a public house or an inn. The water supply, which originally was came from a spring in the field behind the house, was later got from a well dug in the yard in 1888. Some time after the dwelling was occupied, some other buildings were added on the west side of the yard at the rear. One building, which was for Shorthorn cows, measured twenty-eight by fifteen with a slated roof. These cows were a very reliable dual purpose breed, now very scarce. The walls were of stone similar to the dwelling. Quite a large amount of excavation had to be done because of the rising ground. Next to the cow-stall was a smaller building, ten by fifteen, which was the stable. This had a cobble-stone floor and between the stable and the dwelling was a store, with a loft over it used as a workshop, which was always known as the Shanty in later years. John died in 1867 and is buried in St. Peters Church cemetery in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Elizabeth Maynard was born in 1785. She is the daughter of Sergeant-at-law Maynard. Elizabeth married John Beare on 27 December 1806 in St. Peters Church. They had eight children. Elizabeth died in 1863 and is buried in St. Peters Church cemetery in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Elizabeth Beare was born circa 1808, in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. No further details are known at this time.

Isaac Beare was born circa 1813 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. Some time prior to 1834 Isaac and his brother John left home for the New World, Canada and the United States, along with their sister Jane. John returned to Ireland with the news that Isaac had died, believed to be as a result of knife-fight in New York, however no other details of his death have been sourced to date.

Maria Beare was born circa 1815 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. No further details are known at this time.

Jane Beare was born circa 1816 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. Jane sailed to Canada, probably from Queenstown (now Cobh), even though she may have gone from Kilmacsimon Quay below Innishannon, as ships traded between there and New Brunswick, and were glad to return with passengers. About eighty families left Bandon in the early 1800's and founded New Bandon in that Province. We believe she sailed in the company of her brothers Isaac and John. On 7 April 1839 at Trinity Anglican Church, St Johns, New Brunswick, Jane and Josiah Roberts were married by the Reverend Dr. Benjamin Gray. Some years later Jane and Josiah moved to Murray Harbour in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The house where they lived is still in good condition. Josiah had a vessel, a small store and a blacksmith shop. They had seven children: Elizabeth Jane, William James, Louisa Mary, Wesley, John, Josiah and David. Jane died in 1894 and is buried in Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

John William Beare was born circa 1817 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. John emigrated to America with his brother Isaac sometime prior to 1834, we believe with their sister Jane to Canada, and then on to New York. After his brothers death John returned to Ireland. John then set sail with his sister Anne, for Sydney, Australia, on 26 October 1843 on the ship the Neptune, and arrived in Sydney on 11 February 1844. His whereabouts thereafter, date of death etc. remain a mystery to date.

Anne Beare was born in 1821. Anne set sail for Sydney, Australia on 26 October 1843 on the ship the Neptune, and arrived in Sydney on 11 February 1844. She was accompanied by her brother John on the voyage. Anne married Peter Plummer on 20 October 1846 in the parish of St. Savior, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia. Anne and Peter had six children. Peter died as the result of falling beneath his dray at Cooma on 16 February 1857. Anne married George Blewitt (son of William Blewitt and Ann Hardcastle, and born circa 1820 at Hornchurch, Essex, England) on 5 January 1858 in Christ Church, Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. Anne and George had two children. George was a farmer. He died on 19 October 1860 from injuries sustained from falling into a fire. Anne married Patrick Licedy on 25 April 1862 at Christ Church in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. Patrick, a farmer, was born in Limerick to John Licedy and Mary Abbott. Anne and Patrick had one child. Patrick was found dead at Lanyon, near Cuppacumbalong, on 21 April 1867. The coroner listed that he died from a rupture of the right ventricle of the breast. Anne died of rheumatism on 11 November 1896, aged 74 years, at Green Mount, near Royalla, and is buried in the Anglican portion of Riverside Cemetery, Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia.

George Maynard Beare was born on 12 March 1826 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. George Beare married Susan (or Suzanna) Smyth on 26 June 1855 at Rathclaren Church, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, Ireland. As well as farming, George also had a lifelong interest in building and decorating. They have six children, four sons and two daughters. George died at the age of 78 on 19 June 1904 and is buried in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Sarah Beare was born in 1829 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. No further details are known at this time.