George Beare and Family
George Beare Family
George Maynard Beare was born on 12 March 1826 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. George Beare married Susan (or Suzanna) Smyth on 26 June 1855 at Rathclaren Church, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, Ireland. As well as farming, George also had a lifelong interest in building and decorating. They have six children, four sons and two daughters. George died at the age of 78 on 19 June 1904 and is buried in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Susan (Suzanna) Smyth was born on 16 December 1834 in Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, Ireland. She is the daughter of Thomas Smyth and Martha Bateman. Susan married George Beare on 26 June 1855 in Rathclaren Church, Kilbrittain, Co. Cork, Ireland. After their marriage they lived in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. They had six children. Susan died on 23 January 1920 and is buried in St. Peters Church graveyard, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

John Isaac Beare was born on 2 February 1857 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. In 1866 he went to Jermyns School, Kilbrogan Street and stayed there until the age of 12. He next attended Frederick Carroll's School in 1870. On 25 January 1876 John Isaac travelled to Dublin to meet his tutor at Trinity College, Dublin. In 1878 he won a first class scholarship, and his brilliant career as a student closed with him being elected a fellow of his college in 1887. From 1889 - 1898 he held the chair of Moral Philosophy, and in 1902 he was appointed Regios Professor of Greek until 1915 when he became Senior Proctor. On 14 February 1884 John married Augusta Fanny Machin in St. Peter's Church, Dublin, and they lived in Bushy Park Road, Dublin. They have three children, Susan Frances, George Edward (Billy) and Frances Victoria. John fell foul of a deadly strain of influenza coursing through Ireland at that time, and on 11 November 1918 at the age of 61 he died. He is buried in Mount Jerome Cemetery in Dublin.

Martha Jane Beare was born in 1858 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. Martha Jane was baptised on 20 September 1858 in St. Peter's Church, Bandon. She pursued a nursing career which, as an Army Nurse, took her as far as Egypt to nurse soldiers there. She died at the age of 41 on 8 June 1899 in Dublin. Her remains were removed to Bandon and she was buried on 10 June 1899 in St. Peter's Church graveyard in the family grave.

Thomas Smyth Beare was born on 29 May 1860 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. Thomas married Elizabeth Bouch on 16 December 1891 in Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales. He was a mariner at this time. Thomas died on 13 September 1893 and is buried in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Dr. George Beare was born on 17 May 1862 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. He received his early education at Bandon Grammar and at the age of 21 he entered Trinity College, Dublin . He lived with his brother John Isaac while attending University. He graduated as B.A. in the winter of 1887, and B.A.O. and BCH-H.B. in the winter of 1892. He did his locum at Ballineen, a village 8 miles from Bandon. I believe the names of places where jobs were available were put in a hat in College and those who qualified picked out their future destination. George chose Griquatown, Bechuanaland, South Africa. He left home for the last time on the ship Athenian in April 1893. His brother, John, was at Southampton to see him off. As he traveled south, whether through depression or what may have seemed fatalistic prospects, he consigned his personal papers to the Atlantic. He wrote when he reached his destination and kept up his correspondence regularly over the following years with his two brothers in Dublin and Bandon. George quickly settled down to a regular work schedule vaccinating the natives and attending to the usual problems that beset humans everywhere. He acquired several horses and used these to travel long distances in the course of his work, and was accompanied by a policeman usually. His pastimes were shooting, tennis and cricket. Being a doctor and also having been brought up on a small farm meant a knowledge of horses and being able to attend to their problems was very necessary and an advantage. Having had four years of work there George wrote to a friend who had influence with some Government official who was to decide who should get a medical position in another town 108 miles north of Griquatown called Kuruman. The job would mean more money so when he officially moved in 1896 he was pleased. He was actually engaged to a girl at home when he emigrated but by mutual consent after some correspondence this arrangement was terminated and some time later he made friends with the Price family. George married Elizabeth Price in 1893. They have two daughters, Helen Barbara and Mary Elizabeth. George died at the age of 79 in 1941 and is buried in South Africa.

William Beare was born on 7 February 1864 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. William was baptised on 26 February 1864. As he grew up he chose to remain at home and not take the academic career like two of his elder brothers John and George. He had talents and liked to use his hands to practice a wide variety of skills. Carpentry was his first love. William married Maria Smyth on 31 December 1893 in St. John's Church, Listowel, Co. Kerry, and they returned to Bandon to live and raise a family. They had four children George, Benjamin, Susan and William. William died on 30 November 1939 and is buried in the family grave in St. Peters Churchyard, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Elizabeth Anne Beare was born in 1865 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland. Elizabeth died as an infant in 1865 in Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.